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Thursday, 9-May-2019 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

UPDATED ON 19th APRIL 2014. visit also at our website [at] www [dot]mybreastpumpshop [dot] com
...Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera semua,

For more updates DO visit And those berminat dgn KUTU medela FREESTYLE and medela SWING, do email me for more information ya..

Thank You for all the support these 6 honourable years

1) Sesiapa berminat nk join KUTU utk Medela Freestyle please email me at

2) KUTU utk Medela Swing (RM649) juga ada, sila email ya.. hihiii , poslaju add RM15 ya.

3) Have you heard of Bumble Bee 4 oz BPA-Free bottles set (8 bottles each set) - This is one of a kind bottles. If you use Medela bpump you can use this bottles too. Personally, Aja suka sebab mulut botol dia ada lebih dr satu lining, so kalau pasang kat pump medela dia tak 'terpulas' balik..

*edited* Untuk version baru botol ini, saiz 5 oz, fits on Medela bottles tapi mdela FS and PISA fits, tapi sometimes ada terpulas semula, so suggested yg guna medela FS sambil jalan2 ke gosok baju ke, guna bottle medela, then transfer to this bottle for storage ya..

I am selling this for RM38... Stok ada sentiasa..

4) PLAYTEX LINER 125 pcs (8 oz)- NOW AVAILABLE, harga RM 48.00 (Retail price RM52.90)

*Why I sell playtex liner when there's now a new cheap liner around e.g: 100 pcs for RM29.00++? I am a liner user,and I have tried many types of liner and breastmilk storage bags. From expensive Medela 'pump and save bags' to cheapest liner available. And I found out and I do think Playtex is one of the BEST. Strong plastics I must say.. and hygienic also.

*Read how to use Playtex Liner on mybreastpumpshop blog

MEDELA SPAREPARTS & ACCESORIES : We have been stocking a lots of Medela spare parts, accesories and bottles, for feeding and storage, and all Medela products is BPA-FREE!!.. Kindly check our fotopages at And if there's any parts you need that is not in the list, boleh contact Aja via

email atau call 03-33932857

* ORDERS are welcome also. Thank you



KUTU SWING: Masih berjalan ya, dan ada tempat kosong..meh la join

NEW MEDELA SWING RM 649 (with 1 YEAR warranty)

-> poslaju fees of RM 15 applicable (semenanjung)

This is NOW retail at RM799


Retail : RM 269
Our price : RM 190
poslaju fees is RM9

(upon full payment and 2 times installment = RM1699 )

*below is what includes in the reviews

Pay in full upon ordering and you have to pay ONLY RM1699
(also applicable to those who pays in 2 times INSTALLMENT PLAN)

Retail price : RM2299

*PLEASE allow 5-10 days from complete payment for your order to be shipped to you. Thanks

Another good news is Aja also offered 3 times INSTALLMENT PLAN
which is RM600 x 2 times PLUS RM534 (including post) for 3rd payment and received your item after 3rd payment

For example:

---> PAY 1st payment early of the month Sept
---> 2nd PAYment end of the month Sept, upon 2nd payment I will make order
---> RECEIVED item in 14 days (upon 3rd payment) or end of month Okt

So you just have to wait around 1 1/2 months or 2 months..

[b]PLEASE choose DELIVERY option. ADD:

Poslaju : RM35 for semenanjung/ RM50 for Sabah/Sarawak

Question: I would like to know, how do I claim warranty if there are any faulty parts on the product that I get. Will other company entertain and provide service on the product?

Warranty is ONE year for pump's motor and 3 month for accesories and battery for freestyles. The battery is rechargeable. In the event should your pump has a problem you may contact us back. And I'll arrange from there. I usually will courier a spare pump (depends on the availaibility), when you received the spare pump, only then you will send you failed pump back to me. So that you'll have pump to empty yourself. I am a breastfeedingmom so i understand the feeling.

We have nothing related to any other company, online stores and we never have any reseller!. Do come back to us. We have trained engineer and technician to handle the warranties.

Terima kasih kepada yang berminat nak tahu mengenai Medela Freestyle. Skrol ke bawah untuk reviews dan gambar. Ada saya sertakan review dan gambar...sebarang soalan boleh email saya. Thanks

email @ ...

Payment can be made to MAYBANK or CIMB-i account, please email for account number.


-You can pay using credit card thru paypal by simply ask me to send emails. It's secure,fast and reliable. BUT need to subscribe to Paypal

-Credit card payment are to be made in USD (and its depends on currency in USD)

- Example: Price in RM will be converted to USD is USD$ 500 + 4% fees (USD20, which will automatically add to your payment) - for full payment ONLY.. (price is NOT inclusive poslaju)

- Example II : Price in RM will be converted to USD for SWING USD$195 + 4% fees (USD$8, which will automatically added to your payment) - price is NOT inclusive poslaju


Saturday, 16-Feb-2019 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Salam and Hi All,

Today as of 19th APRIL 2014, we still operating and at, MOST of the accesories and spareparts for medela breastpumps are available in stock.. Do ask ya .. If you are our follower, please take note on 'UPDATED date' below... Not posting date above as that date havent even arrive yet ...


Medela QuickClean Wipes
Retail : RM69.90
Our price: RM52


Medela Freestyle BRA ADAPTER (label B)
-SELL IN SET- Handsfree kits set RM199/set, kindly email for more info

Have you lost yours? Or by mistakes left it somewhere...


Our price : RM 89/each
poslaju RM6.. Stock:-Available-


Our price : RM 109/set
Poslaju : RM7

Sparepart kits set contains (2 body pump/connectors, 2 yellow membranes, and 2 backcaps) for double pumping
can ONLY be use for Freestyle Breast pump


MEDELA set of 3 bottles -- a must buy..
Our price : RM79 (comes with wide base teats)

This set contains 3 slow flow teats for feeding, 3 colar lids and extra 3 hard lids for milk storage plus caps for travelling and makes your milk save for your baby feeding
The retail price for this set is RM89.90.

I get nice comments from mommies who feeds their baby from this medela feeding bottles

Set of 3 Bottles RM79 (ada puting 3,solid lids,colar lids)

If you need just bottle without teats, check out item below , 3 storage bottles


Medela set of 3 storage bottles
Retail is : RM69.90

OUR Price : RM62
(this is the usual medela bottles sell in Malaysia)

sesuai utk mommies yang guna pump medela and nak store EBM but babies tak minum from medela teats/bottle.

Ideal for collecting & storing breastmilk.


MEDELA SOFTFIT Breastshield ----DISCONTINUED, Medela STOP producing this. Sorry (^_^)
Our price : -not available--


MEDELA connector for PISA, SWING, Mini-e
Our price : RM27/piece, buy one pair RM54

kalau org guna mini-e, and guna this flanges bersama personalfit breastshield yax


Stock:-Available for our return customer/MyBreastpumpShop's freestyler-
Our price : power supply RM 199 (psssttt...retail is RM299)3
(including the white/grey adaptor connector, we have new connector with surge protector..that one is RM15)

Our price for battery: RM325


MEDELA valve and membrane

Our price : 1 pc Valve n 1 pc membrane RM21


MEDELA white membrane
Our price : Membrane RM6 (1 pc), RM12 (2 pcs)
Please add poslaju RM7


MEDELA QUICK CLEAN steam bag -- Kindly enquire stock
Our price : RM40 per box

Medela Steam bags (5 bag per box) - each bag leh guna 20 kali
khas utk sterilise bpump parts dengan menggunakan microwave oven


IF the item is in stock, you may get it in 2-3 business day

IF the items were to be ordered, PLEASE allow 14-21 days

PLEASE ADD poslaju fees of RM7 for one item
And add RM 2 for additional item. THANKS

email me @ ... for any questions

Friday, 20-Feb-2009 17:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'M BACK... :-D


The little shop is back....

Hihiii.... Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Dear my valued customer (who eventually becomes my friends...),

See my smiley face? Yes, I'm taking a leave for 12 days... Meaning that I am closing the store for 12 days. I am not going anywhere, I am still here. The store has be operating for 8 months. So I guess its time for me to do some maintenance to my ...oopps little store. Even there's nothing much, but there's always something you can find here, no?

So starting from 23rd FEBRUARY - 5th MARCH 2009, I will close this little shop. Should you have any questions please forward them to my email. But I may not be able to attend you as promptly as usual.

And...and... for mommies urgently in need of the breastpump --- I only have the MEDELA HARMONYs available.

For MEDELA FREESTYLEs order, you may received your pump on estimated date of delivery.

MEDELA SWING is out of stock again (*sigh....)... I wish I could top up faster everytime...

For my loyal friends out there, who need helps with their pump, or should your pump troubles you, pls kindly call/sms my number.

Other than that, see you mommies again by 5th march. I hope I can bring more item then... Or more discount? ...perhaps...


Aja (best??..)

Thursday, 27-Nov-2008 08:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera

: For Medela Swing And Medela Freestyle buyer from 15 January 2009 - 15 February 2009, Warraty Card will only be sent out after 5th Of March. I have lost most of buyer information, due to viruses in my laptop and pen-drive. And I need to check all the previous email one by one. I am sorry for all the inconvinience. But sure you gals know how to find me, rite?

Monday, 10-Nov-2008 05:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark

UPDATED : 14 MAC 2009

Hai all...this is from previous post
feel free to browse over the comment

Should you have any questions, feel free to email Aja at

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